Friday, May 13, 2011

this week

i'm always looking for good recipes to use (i mean, take advantage) of the tons of fruit in our freezer and i think i found a new keeper. this is plum strudel and it should work well with all kinds of other fruit.

and here's the start of a little village i've been scheming up. more trees and soft houses to come. i'm not sure if it will be greatly used, but maybe i'll get enough satisfaction just from the process of executing an idea. and to show eily that it's possible. although, who am i kidding, he's so aware of that notion already. each day he comes up with a new thing to make - dog puppet, bird's nest and bath combined, play dinosaurs - and promptly goes about making it.

i attached an elastic to one of the roads so they can be rolled up and stashed away.

finally, a jackpot of a find. cheap large buttons from a lovely woman at a tailor shop. these babies are hard to find and normally, much too expensive.

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